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Japanese Law Dictionary Pro

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This application provides the Compendium of Japanese Laws for Android mobile phone and tablet PC. Users can browse 7713 Japanese laws and regulations including the Constitution of Japan, Acts, Cabinet Orders, Imperial Ordinances, the Cabinet Office Ordinances, and Ministerial Ordinances using the Data Distribution System from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. In addition, it has an availability to view on the Rules of Civil Procedure, the Rules of Criminal Procedure, the Rules of Civil Execution and the Rules of Civil Provisional Remedies which is not provided in the Data Distribution System. Since each legal data stored in the SD card, it is also able to viewed offline. Furthermore, it has an easy one-click access to the English version which is from the XML data of Japanese Law Translation Database System sourced from the Ministry of Justice. This application is made ​​for all legal professions.The main function is as follows.Article search, Keyword searchViews of English version (partly)You can add almost all the laws and regulations from 7713 Japanese laws and regulations(Japanese only)Making notes on articlesAttaching sticky notesDisplay or non-display setting of laws and regulations and sorting display orderAutomatic saving of data in SD cardBackup and Restore your list of lawsShare text with Intent
We develop not only thinking law practitioner as lawyers, judicial scriveners and administrative scriveners, etc., but also all legal parties such as law students, law school students, students study the judicial examination, and legal apprentices.
*In the case not all articles displayed on the screen(displayed halfway), please re-download the relevant laws and regulations in the " laws and regulations setting" (click on the icon of the floppy disk).*If an error is caused by updating, it is recommended to uninstall and re-install. Please notify us the actual situation when an error has occurred.*There is no difference in the function among AndRoppo and AndRoppo Pro.
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